From a young age, my little brother and I were taught to value a positive healthy lifestyle and giving back generously in our community. A large portion of our upbringing was centered on being active in sports, understanding the value of fitness, and the importance of healthy food. The impact of setting goals and having the accountability and discipline to see things come into fruition was a huge part of our upbringing. We were constantly encouraged with opportunities for self improvement, teamwork, character growth and finding creative ways to give back to those around us. Because of the influence of our family and mentors one of the things that’s sparked in both of us was the desire to embrace life with positive expectations and most of all help other people.

Our dream cultivated from a young age was to help other people, whether it's sports or in daily life and to see people succeed in life.

The dream that we’re holding, in launching this company, is to be in the position where we can have a positive impact on other people's lives, provide tools and resources to help them to live a better life not just with sports but also with daily struggles. For us, fitness isn’t just conditioning the physical part of your body but also the wellness and success that encompasses one's emotional and mental being as well. It’s about being active and enjoying the life around you as well as the person you are becoming in that process.

GSPORTIM was created to build on our childhood dream and impact the people and communities around us. Our desire is to make a positive impact on one's body as a whole, coming alongside individuals in setting positive, attainable, and beneficial goals, and influencing people to be of good purpose with positive intentions.

After all ...“If you are not making someone else his life better, then you are wasting your time”.

Welcome to GSPORTIM. We wish you the absolute best from the Schachter’s brothers - Adam & Ben .