Suspension trainer
Suspension trainer
Suspension trainer

Suspension trainer

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The amazing Suspension trainer straps are designed for people who want to get maximum results in minimum time. The suspension trainer workouts are focused on the human body core muscles and activates many tiny muscles around the body that can help you to lose weight, build your strength and build your muscular endurance. 

The suspension trainer kit is very light but made of high quality materials that makes it strong and capable of high tension during workout.

The small size and the low weight of the kit helps you to carry the suspension trainer everywhere you go whether if you travel around the world or just workout at home. Very easy to set up and adjust the straps to every workout you do.


  • Helps to lose weight, build strength, increase muscular endurance, flexibility 
  • Light weight, easy to carry everywhere you go
  • Comfortable grip during workout 
  • Variety of workout programs
  • Maximum results in minimum time

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